Pediatric Cancers

Change in Neurocognitive Functioning After Treatment with Cranial Radiation in Childhood
Congestive Heart Failure After Treatment for Wilms' Tumor: A report from the National Wilms' Tumor Study Group
Conventional Compared with Individualized Chemotherapy for Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Hemangiomas in Children
Impact of Radiotherapy for High-Risk Neuroblastoma: A Children's Cancer Group Study
Influence of a Child's Sex on Medulloblastoma Outcome
Long-Term Neurological Outcome of Childhood Brain Tumors Treated by Surgery Only
Low-Stage Medulloblastoma: Final Analysis of Trial Comparing Standard-Dose With Reduced-Dose Neuraxis Irradiation
Metastasis Stage, Adjuvant Treatment, and Residual Tumor Are Prognostic Factors for Medulloblastoma in Children: Conclusions From the Children's Cancer Group 921 Randomized Phase III Study
Outcome of Radiation-Related Osteosarcoma after Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer: A Study of 23 Cases
Randomized Comparison of Low-Dose Involved-Field Radiotherapy and No Radiotherapy for Children with Hodgkin's Disease Who Achieve a Complete Response to Chemotherapy
Risk of cancer among offspring of childhood-cancer survivors
Subsequent Quality of Life for Children Irradiated for a Brain Tumor Before Age Four Years
Symptoms and Suffering at the End of Life in Children with Cancer
Thyroid Carcinomas After Irradiation for a First Cancer During Childhood
Treatment of Children and Young Adults with Early-Stage Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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