AACR: HPV Types Identified in Indian Women

-- A. Agrawal, PhD

Monday, October 12, 2009

MONDAY, Oct. 12 (HealthDay News) -- Human papillomavirus (HPV) types -16 and -18 are common in north Indian women with cervical cancer or an unhealthy cervix, and a cervical cancer vaccine targeting these types could eliminate 75 percent of the region's cervical cancers, according to a study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research Meeting, held from Oct. 8 to 11 in Boston.

To assess the prevalence and types of HPV present in Indian women, A. Raj Kumar Patro and colleagues from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi performed HPV testing (by L1 consensus polymerase chain reaction followed by reverse line blot hybridization assay) in 106 hospitalized women with invasive cervical cancer, 524 hospitalized women with an unhealthy cervix, and 465 women in the community.

The researchers found that HPV-16 and/or HPV-18 were present in 83 percent of women with invasive cervical cancer. HPV-16 and/or HPV-18 were present in 34.3, 45.4, and 65.7 percent of women with an unhealthy cervix with normal, low-grade, and high-grade disease, respectively. The investigators further note that HPV was present in 7 percent of women in the community, with HPV-16, -45, -52, -31, -66, and -18 being most common.

"A wide spectrum of HPV types is seen in north Indian women, with HPV-16/18 are the commonest types in all populations," Patro and colleagues conclude. "It is estimated that the HPV -16/18 vaccine would reduce over 75 percent of the total cancer burden in this region."

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