Don't Smoke! Essay 28

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Frances DeMasi Middle School, Marlton, NJ
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Some Reasons Not to Smoke

Smoking is very addictive! This is because of the nicotine in the cigarette. When you only take one puff, it probably will not get you, but if you continue to smoke, then you can not stop.

Smoking causes more problems than addiction. It can also cause lung cancer. Lung cancer is when your lungs are not getting enough oxygen. They change from a light pink color to a dark black. This is the result of smoke getting into your lungs.

Emphysema is another result of smoking. Emphysema is when your lungs don't get enough oxygen. This means that you will have to breathe from an oxygen tank.

A third disease that is a result of smoking is heart disease. When you have this problem, your heart does not pump enough blood to your body. This makes you feel tired all the time. It can also cause a heart attack.

Another result of smoking is stained teeth, yellow fingers, bad breath and wrinkled skin. Although these things are not a concern to your health, they are very unattractive.

While many adults are quitting smoking, even more teenagers are starting the habit. It is much harder to quit smoking if you started when you were younger.

Cigarettes are expensive. Not only do they cost a lot, they are illegal to but if you are under eighteen years of age. Evesham Township just passed a law that prohibits anyone under eighteen from smoking. These are just a few reasons why you shouldn't start smoking!

Stop smoking now, and have a better future!