Don't Smoke! Essay 2

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Tuck Finn
Frances DeMasi Middle School, Marlton, NJ
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Have you ever seen an ad for cigarettes? You have to admit that the people in that ad do look like they are having fun. Did you notice that they never show you an "after photo"? The reason that the advertisers never you the "after photos" is that those people are ugly now that their body has had too many puffs.

It?s hard to believe that one choice you might make will affect your life later on. Many people who smoke get addicted to nicotine, which is an ingredient in cigarettes. People want to stop smoking and their mind knows it is wrong but their bodies can?t fight the urge to smoke. It might seem cool to smoke, but all the cigarette smoking will catch up to the smoker. Smokers will eventually have their teeth turn yellow. They may start coughing.They won?t be able to breathe as well. Some people might even die! I see people that smoke. It smells to be around them. It takes five or six washes to get the smoke smell out of their clothes.

My Mom-Mom and Grandpop used to smoke. But then they had a friend die from LUNG CANCER which was caused by smoking. Now, my grandparents don?t smoke. Whenever I think of that story, it reminds me what could happen if I make the wrong choice. I can?t make your choice for you. I can?t tell you what to do. But, I can warn you. Respect yourself, make your life easier. If you are like me and want to grow up healthy and have a career, than just say "No!".

Tuck Finn