Don't Smoke! Essay 19

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Frances DeMasi Middle School, Marlton, NJ
Last Modified: November 1, 2001


Drugs are everywhere, in schools, parks, and homes.

Horrible, harmful, hazardous drugs,

Deadly, dangerous, disastrous drugs,

Drugs kill thousands of people every year but yet, people don't seen to care.

They become addicted to the murderous depressants and the perilous stimulants.

Marijuana, Cocaine, Nicotine and Heroin are some of these injurious drugs.

There are many ways to stop the execrable addiction to drugs, such as special patches and gum. But people don't see the danger, and they continue to take the drugs, getting even more ill. Although you may see many adults or even your parents smoking, the main smokers are teens and kids. They start smoking or sniffing when their peers tell them things that are not true. Things like saying drugs will make you cool and popular. And for awhile, smoking does seem to make their life better. But soon they are pulled into a world of lung cancer and brain damage. Then they wish that they never listened to their peers.

President Clinton is presently working on a campaign to keep drugs out of kids' reach. If his plan works, billboards will no longer be able to display people and the messages will be even stronger. "Drugs are dangerous and can kill you," that is what they will say.

Hopefully, if Clinton's plan works then it will decrease the amount of people dying from drugs by the millions. "Taking drugs is like committing suicide," That is my quote. So don't kill yourself by choosing to take drugs. Choose the right choice, stay away from drugs.

By K.H.