Don't Smoke! Essay 7

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Frances DeMasi Middle School, Marlton, NJ
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Don't Even Think About It

"Nothing will happen to me, I'm only having one..." Every day thousands of kids and teens are saying these exact words about cigarette smoking. Later, the friends and families of those same kids will be saying, "I asked her/him to stop but she/he wouldn't listen," as they sit at the cancer treatment center with their loved ones, praying that they will be cured.

I am an eleven year old girl and not too long ago I helped my mom take care of a friend who had smoked when he was younger. While he ad not smoked for many years, the damage had already been done. He died slowly from lung cancer. He couldn't feed himself or even breathe for himself during those very sad days. This happened because many years ago, people didn't know the dangers of smoking. Today there is no excuse to start smoking. There is too much evidence that smoking kills and loads of education available to find out why and how. The next time you are tempted to start, picture yourself hooked up to oxygen, your family around you with tears in their eyes, then do the right thing. DON'T START!

By K.C.