James Pharis, Jr.
Copyright © James A. Pharis, Jr.
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Copyright © 1998, James Pharis, Jr.

Today as busy as I could be
Around the house and the yard,
A thought matured or at least advanced
As I close-clipped the greensward.

On the tractor with the loud bush hog
As I sped between the trees,
The thought came, I'm cancer-free
My heart bowed down on its knees.

Thoughts like that should come in rapt repose
At times for deep thoughts like this,
When I prepare for introspection,
Not at times of mundane bliss.

God touched my heart in a forceful way
Then I thought, how can it be?.
But then I thought, why not now Dear Lord
Should you speak peace to me?

Four years ago I thought I was cured
Which was followed by three years
Of treatment and awaiting to see,
That makes me recall the tears.

Whether it is true or not
Whatever my course in days ahead,
That thought on the lawn today
Let's me know I am not dead.

I give humble thanks to God
For the thought that came into my head.
Man is made for higher things
Than to fear what lies ahead.