European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2004
3rd ESMO Patient Seminar

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The 3rd European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Patient Seminar took place at the Austria Center, Vienna, during the 29th ESMO Congress. Physicians and patients came together for this valuable conference concerning issues such as new developments in the field of cancer treatment, the importance of clinical trials, information and empowerment to cope with the challenges patients are confronted with and techniques which may be helpful in strengthening the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of affected individuals. The following files are RealMedia files that need to be played using a RealMedia player.

Latest Developments: Advances in care and follow-up of cancer patients

Chairperson, Paris A. Kosmidis

Latest developments in breast cancer
Beat Thuerlimann

Latest developments in colorectal cancer
Jim Cassidy

Latest developments in lung cancer
Robert Pirker

Latest developments in prostate cancer
Othmar Zechner

Latest developments in breast cancer research: Patient advocacy and TransBIG
Susan Knox

Psycho-social issues in cancer: How to cope

Early diagnosis and follow-up, (patients's viewpoint)
Stephen Ward

Early diagnosis and follow-up, (psycho onclogist's viewpoint)
Ana Fernandez Marcos

Disease recurrence (patient)
Martin Thurnher

Disease recurrence and terminal phase (psychologist)
Ana Koutroubas

Family Issues

Randi Persson

Southern Europe
Helen Kosmidis

Western and central Europe
Christian Ligensa

Eastern Europe
Kristi Luksep

Bringing it all together: The social worker's perspective
Tom Hudson

Working lives: The recognition of needs

Working Lives
Kathy Redmond

Understanding clinical trials

Understanding Clinical Trials
Louis Denis

Health in body and mind

Health in body and mind
Gillian Crosby

ESMO Concert

ESMO Concert