Genetics & Family History

Articles about how your genetic make-up and family history (or lack of) influence your cancer risk.
Genetic Syndromes
An introduction to genetic mutations, genetic syndromes and how they relate to cancer.
Genetic Mutations and Cancer Risk
Introduction to the genetic mutations of BRCA1 & 2, FAP and HNPCC and associated cancer risk.
No Cancer In Your Family…No Risk For You, Right?
Many people believe that having no one in the family with cancer means they have no cancer risk. However, only 15-20% occur in the setting of a family history and most are not related to family history.
Family History Means I'm at Higher Risk, Right?
We hear so much about family history that it makes people think any family history is a strike against you in terms of cancer risk. In reality, only 15-20% of cancers are related to a family history.

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Family-based risk assessment could help identify at-risk individuals

Nov 22, 2010 - Screening unaffected individuals through demographic and family histories to determine who should be offered genetic testing for Lynch syndrome mutations may be a cost-effective approach to identifying people at higher risk for endometrial and colorectal cancer, according to research published online Nov. 18 in Cancer Prevention Research.

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