Siemens User Meeting at ASTRO 2003

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Oncology Care Systems Group
Siemens Medical Solutions
Last Modified: October 26, 2006

Presented by: Hermann Requardt, PhD

Presented by: Ajit Singh, PhD

Opening Session
Presented by: Kary Mullis, PhD

Moderated by: Joao Luis DaSilva, MD
Hospital Sirio Libanès

Clinical Outcome of High Dose IMRT for Prostate Cancer: The Monmouth Medical Experience
Presented by:
Adam Raben, MD view presentation
Hansen Chen, MS view presentation

Prostate Cancer IMRT
Presented by: Charles A. Enke, MD

IMRT in a Community Setting
Presented by: Morris Geffen, MD

Forward Planned IMRT (fIMRT) for the Treatment of Breast Cancer
Presented by: Sandra Hatch, MD

Documentation, Reimbursement, and Reimbursement for IMRT
Presented by: Carl R. Bogardus, Jr., MD

Imaging in Oncology
Moderated by: James Wong, MD
Morristown Memorial Hospital

Developments in PET/CT: From Concept to Practice
Presented by: David W. Townsend, PhD

Presented by: Daniel Low, PhD

From Simple Film Replacement to Dose-guided IMRT with MV Cone Beam: The Role of aSi EPID
Presented by: Jean Pouliot, PhD

Implementing PET/CT into Radiation Treatment Planning for Lung Cancer
Presented by: Jeffrey Bradley, MD

CT-guided Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Early Stage Lung Cancers – Long-term Clinical Data and Future Directions of 4D SRT Using Chasing Beam
Presented by: Minoru Uematsu, MD

Information Systems (LANTIS)
Moderated by: Andrew Miller, MD
Palmerston North

Presented by: Susan Koehl, BS, RT(T)

LANTIS Present and Future
Presented by: Gill Sharp

Realizing the Potential of Reporter
Presented by: Andrew Miller, MD

Radiation Oncology Information Systems – Implementation to Upgrades
Presented by: Tim Nelson, BS, RT(T)

Utilization of Clinical Assessments
Presented by: Teresa Lockwood, RN, BSN, OCN

Workflow Efficiencies of Quality Checklists as Part of an Electronic Medical Record
Presented by: Lisa Te Paiho Bowe, BS, RT(T)

The Future of Radiation Oncology; Physics Boundaries and Biological Frontiers
Presented by: James M. Metz, MD


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