Resources for More Information: Testicular Cancer

OncoLink Team
Last Modified: June 1, 2016

The internet can be a valuable resource for a patient who wants to find out more information about their disease. However, remember that not every website contains accurate and reliable information. The websites listed below offer up to date information and resources.

The Testicular Cancer Resource Center

The first website devoted to helping people understand testicular and extra-gonadal germ cell tumors. Provides education, support, treatment information and links to research studies.



Provides education, discussion board and personal stories.


Testicular Cancer Society

Dedicated to increasing awareness and education about the disease and providing support for fighters, survivors and caregivers.


Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by testicular cancer; educating others about the importance of awareness and early detection, and continuing to save lives.




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