Meta-analysis suggests OncoVAX is effective against colon cancer

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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NEW YORK, Sep 05 (Reuters Health) - A meta-analysis of Intracel's OncoVAX vaccine suggests that the product is an effective adjunct for stage II colon cancer in patients who also undergo surgery, the company said on Thursday.

Intracel presented the results of the three meta-analyzed trials in Belgium on Friday at the Millennium World Congress on Vaccines and Immunization. The trials comprised data from 723 patients.

The trials studied OncoVAX, an autologous tumor cell vaccine, as an adjunct to surgery and compared it with surgery alone. The results showed that in patients who met treatment compliance and protocol eligibility, a three- or four-vaccine regimen significantly improved recurrence-free interval and recurrence-free survival, Intracel said.

Disease-specific survival approached significance compared with surgery alone, the company said.

OncoVAX has completed phase III studies for stage II colon cancer and is currently in phase III European studies for stage III colon cancer. The product is marketed in the Netherlands.