Home Exercises Following Keystone Flap Surgery

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Last Modified: May 24, 2013

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These exercises are designed to help you move your ankle following your Keystone Flap. If appropriate, you should also be doing the exercises called "home exercise following groin dissection". You doctor or nurse will let you know when you can start doing these exercises. Once you start, you should do the exercises 2-3 times per day. These exercises are not meant to hurt – Do not strain, do not hold your breath.

1. Ankle Circles

Slowly move ankle around in full circle. Be careful to move at the ankle, not at the knee. Complete 10 slow circles in each direction.

Home Exercises Following Keystone Flap Surgery

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2. Seated Ankle Stretch

Sit with feet flat on the floor. Gently slide affected foot backwards, keeping foot flat on the floor. Hold 20 counts. Repeat 5 times.

Home Exercises Following Keystone Flap Surgery

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These exercises should not be painful. If you are experiencing increased pain following exercise, please contact your doctor or nurse. You may need a referral to a physical therapist.


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