Cancer Types

Information about risk, prevention, screening, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support for all cancers.
  • Bone Cancers

    Bone Cancers information including risk, prevention, screening, symptoms, research, treatment, and support. Provided by Oncolink - The Web's First Cancer Resource.

    Bone Metastases
    When cancer spreads from one area of the body to the bone, it is called bone metastases.

    Ewing's Sarcoma


  • Brain Tumors

    Brain Cancer information including risk, prevention, screening, symptoms, research, treatment, and support. Provided by Oncolink - The Web's First Cancer Resource.

    Brain Metastasis
    When cancer cells spread from one area into the brain, it is called brain metastasis, which is treated differently than a tumor that starts in the brain.

    Brain Tumors
    Cancer that starts in the brain is called a primary brain tumor. There are many types of brain tumors, each with a unique prognosis and treatment.

  • Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Tumors

    Information on the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and symptom management of NETs.
    All About Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumors
    Tumors of the neuroendocrine system account for about 2% of all cancers and can be classified as either pancreatic endocrine tumors or carcinoid tumors. Carcinoid tumor most commonly arise in the gastrointestinal system (esophagus, stomach, intestines) and the lungs.


  • Metastatic Cancer

    Information about all types of metastatic cancer, coping with the diagnosis and finding support.
    Metastatic Cancer: The Basics
    An introduction to metastatic cancer, coping and support for this diagnosis.

    Articles about coping and support for those coping with metastatic cancer.

  • Miscellaneous/Other Diseases

    Carcinoma of Unknown Primary
    When cancer is found in one or more metastatic sites but the primary site is not known, it is called a cancer of unknown primary (CUP) or an occult primary cancer.

    Thymoma is a rare tumor of the thymus gland, which is a small organ that lies under the breastbone.

  • OncoLink Vet

    Veterinary Oncology Information

    General articles on specific tumor types, making treatment decisions and understanding terminology.

    Articles addressing nutrition, quality of life, survivor stories, useful external websites and book reviews.

    Diagnosis & Treatment Options
    Articles covering biopsy, and treatment options including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

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Recommendations made for future vaccinations and tailored screening

Oct 19, 2010 - Eight types of human papillomavirus appear to be responsible for over 90 percent of the world's cervical cancer cases; researchers recommend these eight types be the target for future vaccines and that the three most common high-risk human papillomavirus types -- 16, 18, and 45 -- which occur in younger women, should be the focus of type-specific human papillomavirus screening. Their findings have been published online Oct. 18 in The Lancet Oncology.

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