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Expert answers to common questions about brain metastases.
Whole Brain or Cyberknife for Brain Metastases?
Question How do I know if whole brain radiation or cyberknife radiation is better? My doctor said both are an option. Are both as effective? Does one have more side ..
Treatment for Brain Metastasis
Question My brother is 43 years old and had a non-small cell tumor removed from his lung. There was no follow-up treatment because they "got it all." Six months later, ..
Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer
Question A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with brain metastases from his lung cancer, adenocarcinoma type. The neurosurgeon said to him that surgery is the treatment of choice ..
Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases
My sister, who is 51, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in August of 1997. It metastasized to her brain in August of 1998. The tumor was removed, thought to ..
Brain Metastases in Lymphoma
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," In December 2005, I completed 6 treatments of R-CHOP chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. My "final" PET scan (skull to thigh) showed no evidence of residual ..
Small Cell Lung Cancer Metastasized to the Brain
My mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in January of 2001. She has been through Chemo and radiation and the tumor in her lung did shrink to approx ..
What are the risks of metastases to the brain with colon cancer?
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My diagnosis is Stage III colon cancer. Lately I have been having severe headaches and have had no previous history of headaches. My question is ..

Breast Cancer Metastasis Gene Linked to Poor Survival

May 24, 2015 - Expression of a gene involved in glucose metabolism and cell death is higher in breast cancer brain metastases compared with primary tumors, and high expression is associated with poor survival, according to a study published online Sept. 1 in Molecula

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