Brown Bag Chat: How Much Do You Know About HPV?

Brown Bag Chat

Tune in for our live webchat January 14, 2010 from 12:30-1:30PM EST to learn more and ask our experts your questions. You can submit questions ahead of time or during the live event. A transcript will be available after the event in case you miss it.

2 thoughts on “Brown Bag Chat: How Much Do You Know About HPV?

  1. I am male 42. I would like to get the vaccine. I have been pretty selective for sex partners (first encounter at 23) in monogamic relationship. I married my third partner until I was 36. I had 2 other (over 33) monogamic partners since. Next month I will meet my first partner-love who lives abroad; however, I know she has recently had an operation to get pre-cancer cervix tissue out. Thus, it is likely that she may still be infected with the 16 or 18 strain of the virus. Can I get vaccinated if I pay for it?

  2. Hi-
    While I would think you could get vaccinated if you were willing to pay for it, I am not certain there would be much benefit. Just as we are not sure the benefit for women in their 30s and older, it is highly likely that they have already been infected and developed their own immunity to the strains they have been exposed to. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good test to screen to see if you have been exposed or not. While a lot has been learned, there is so much we don’t know, so it is hard to know if you would gain any benefit or not.
    Sorry I don’t have a better answer!

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