The CancerLand Bookshelf: Introduction

Posted April 26th, 2010

These days there’s no support group for what ails me. And if you ask me, there ought to be. True confession time: I’m totally hooked on books written by fellow survivors, and have been since my own cancer diagnosis more than ten years ago. Sure, there are nastier habits to own up to, but the […]

“Clarity or Insanity?” Or “The Toilet Theme”

Posted April 19th, 2010

For about two years before my diagnosis, I had high fevers and night sweats like clockwork, every three to four months. I would start getting teeth chattering, body shaking, chills, and my temperature would glide upward. Over time, I also developed a cough and very itchy skin. To any oncologist, this would be recognized in […]

Brown Bag Chat: Legal & Financial Challenges Facing People with Cancer

Posted April 7th, 2010

en espanõl Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 12:30-1:30PM EDT Ask the OncoLink experts your questions about legal & financial concerns during and after cancer treatment. A transcript will be available after the event in case you miss it. Thank you for your interest in today’s topic. Unfortunately we ran out of time before all of […]

Lucky Number Seven

Posted April 4th, 2010

2003, in hindsight, was one of the best years of my life. At the time, it seemed pretty awful. It got off to a really bad start. In December 2002, my second relapse (of Hodgkin’s lymphoma) was diagnosed. The first one was diagnosed in October 2001. My original diagnosis was in December 2000. January 2003 […]