Brown Bag Web Chat: Focus on Lung Cancer

Date: October 14, 2011
Time: 12:15-1:15 pm EST

Join the OncoLink Team for a live, interactive webchat on lung cancer. Our experts will address your questions during the live event, or you can submit questions ahead of time.

Twitter You can use your (public) Twitter account to participate during the live event (use the hashtag #oncochat).

Lung Cancer Experts

Anil Vachani, MD, Pulmonologist at Penn Medicine
Charu Aggarwal, MD, MPH, Medical Oncologist at Penn Medicine
Christina Bach, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, Oncology Social Worker at Penn Medicine
Chuck Simone, MD, Radiation Oncologist at Penn Medicine
Taine Pechet, MD, Surgical Oncologist at Penn Medicine
Chanita Highes-Halbert, PhD,  Racial Disparities Expert
Donna Lee Lista, Lung cancer survivor, advocate and blogger
Susie Lee, CRNP, Nurse Practitioner with Penn Medicine’s Lung Cancer Team

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3 thoughts on “Brown Bag Web Chat: Focus on Lung Cancer

  1. So I am a recent survivor trying to get back to college baseball. The problem I am facing is that they took a significant graft from my fibula leaving my tibia to bear all the running stress, and it’s not holding up so well. Despite a high amount of doubt surrounding me, I know I can do it and am not ready to give up. I want to make it for all those kids struck by cancer who never get the chance to do so and to show that one can thrive after cancer, just like Lance. Do you know of anyone who could get me some good advice on how to handle this situation?

      1. Hi Ryan-
        I think it might be useful to tap into the resources of i[2]y ( – they have some chat rooms and you may be able to find a young survivor who has made a similar triumph. The group is all folks 15-40, so a better way to find young folks as opposed to a local support group. I wonder if meeting with the orthopedic surgeon to discuss concerns and suggestions would be helpful. I’m also going to email you a link to a story about Mark Herzlich- a survivor who now plays for the Giants.
        Hope that helps get you on the right track!

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