Daily Cancer Risk Fact: Cigars vs. Cigarettes


More than 1.6 million people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. Even though the rate of new cancer cases is dropping and the survival rate is increasing, it pays to know where the risks lie. All this month, Philly.com/health and OncoLink, a cancer information website developed by experts at the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center, are presenting 30 things you may not know about your risk of getting cancer. Check back each day for a new fact.

Join us every day this month for a special project between Philly.com/health and OncoLink. Throughout the month of April, What’s My Risk? will provide a daily fact you may not know about your risk of getting cancer. First up – cigars vs. cigarettes.

Cigars vs Cigarettes 1. Cigars

True or false: Cigars are a ‘safe’ alternative to cigarettes

False. Many people perceive cigar smoking as safer than cigarettes  because most cigar smokers do not inhale while smoking. The truth is, cigars have higher levels of carcinogens and nicotine.

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