Brain Tumor Man: My Experience as a Patient & Survivor

Howard Salmon
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

At 29 years old, who thinks that they've got a brain tumor -- especially when they don't have any obvious symptoms?

For years I had warning signs, but I'd easily rationalize them away. I'd stare into space (as if I was just tired), I'd lose my train of thought (that's normal, isnt it?), I'd get the shakes (as if I'd had too much coffee), or I'd feel nauseated (as if I'd breathed in too much smog). I thought that there was nothing wrong with me, until I lost control of my hand one day when I was driving. I had my head scanned and found that I had a golf-ball sized growth in a silent area of my brain.

I drew "Brain Tumor Man" as my record of that experience, and I hope that any of you who read this find something in it to lift your spirits.

As a follow-up to this story, which I wrote in 1993 (two years after the diagnosis and surgery), I just recently lived to see the 5th anniversay of my surgery -- and with no signs of recurrence! The five-year anniversay is a significant one for the cancer patient because that's the point at which the chances of recurrence drop sharply.

Life is now better than ever. I'm now happily married (but not to the woman in the comic book), and I'm gainfully employed -- and I haven't lost any of my drawing ability! Please feel free to email me, because I'd love to hear from you!

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