Awardee for May, 2003

Last Modified: May 2, 2003

This award is is given by the Editors at OncoLink to the providers of the highest quality cancer information on the Internet. Selection is based on the particular emphasis we at OncoLink place on patients and families who empower themselves with reliable information about their disease. On a regular basis, the Editors at OncoLink will choose a website which is exemplary of this philosophy, and serves as a model for others.

This educational website produced by Gregg M. Orloff, Ph.D. of the Emory University Biology Department is dedicated to teaching the biology of cancer and cancer treatments. The site covers a wide range of topics, from cell structure and function to clinical trials. It is rich with graphics and animations and is ENTIRELY FREE to all users.

The OncoLink Editor's Choice awardees are chosen by the OncoLink editors after careful review of their material. While OncoLink has deemed the content of the highest quality, OncoLink and the University of Pennsylvania bear no responsibility for the content.

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