A Note from Ron Kauffman, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Ron Kauffman
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Dear OncoLink Readers,

My article - "Personal Experiences of a Prostate Cancer Survivor" continues to bring me new friends and new opportunities.

I am almost 3 years disease free, and that article in the past 6 months hasgiven me contact with no fewer than 8 men who contacted me, quite upset andfrightened, with a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. One of those men is a cousin of mine.

Suffice it to say, I provided as much detail and support as possible, and allbut one opted for surgery, and all, including the isotope implant patient, aredoing well, and are now marking time to their first year as disease free. Ieven had the daughter of a Prostate patient call me for explanations of theimpact of the disease and support. And I remain happy to help where and whenI am asked.

As of this week, my step-sister called to share with me her personal diagnosisof breast cancer, and I've been able to offer both her and her husbandsupport, as she goes in for surgery tomorrow 8/21/98 - frightened and hopeful.

I continue to volunteer for several local cancer fundraising events, and getto use my skills as an auctioneer - an avocation, having been trained yearsago by the world champion auctioneer - to raise money by using my experienceand gift for gab.

It continues to surprise me how many people read OncoLink, and even moreso, the number who contact me. Since I expect to live another 40 years, Ilook forward to updating my experience, and to working with the futuresurvivors and their families as they face the challenges of battling cancer.


Ron Kauffman
Prostate Cancer Survivor


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