Inventory Management for Pain Management

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Penn Home Infusion Team
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Storage Conditions

The medication cassettes should be kept at room temperature. All other supplies should be kept together in an area that is clean and dry. Keep infusion related supplies away from children and pets.

A Patient Care Representative will help you manage your supplies and coordinate your deliveries. This person will ask you to count your supplies on a regular basis. Your Patient Care Representative will periodically call to find out your supply count and to tell you when the next delivery of supplies will be made. If you have only one or two days of supplies remaining, please call your Patient Care Representative.

Frequency of Delivery

Medication cassettes will be delivered as needed according to the dose you will be receiving.

In addition to your medication cassettes, your delivery will include:

  • administration sets
  • extension sets
  • dressing (gauze pads)
  • tape
  • skin preparation supplies which you will need when preparing for your medication
  • container to dispose of needles and syringes

Safe Needle Disposal

Penn will regularly pick up the needle container and dispose of it safely.


The pump and any unused pain medicine will be collected by Penn All other supplies are given under a doctor's prescription and cannot be legally returned.


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