Handling It

Timothy Rowe
Copyright © Timothy Rowe
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Copyright © 2001, Timothy Rowe

He's handling it good, they say
He's really getting on with his life
How do they think cancer victims should act?
How do they think we should handle the strife?

Should we scream, "Why me, why me?"
Or should we sit and cry?
Why do they think cancer victims
Are so afraid to die?

They think that we dwell on cancer
But then marvel at how we don't quit
They think cancer is a terrible thing
But want to think people can handle it

They want to see people handle it well
So that they can think they will too
They want to feel that if they get cancer
They'll be able to make it through

Cancer victims are all upbeat
Cancer awakens something in you
It taps some hidden inner strength
That helps you make it through

Cancer victims don't let it get them down
We don't have to pretend
We really do stay upbeat
Even though it may get us in the end.

T. C. Rowe