Flushing External Central Catheter (SASH Method)

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Penn Home Infusion Team
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Last Modified: November 1, 2001

(SASH) Sodium Chloride-Administration of Drug-Sodium Chloride-Heparin

You will need the following supplies:

  • (2) 10 cc syringes filled with 3 cc of sodium chloride
  • (1) 10 cc syringe filled with 3 cc of heparin (100 u/cc)
  • alcohol wipes
  • disposable needle container
  1. Wash your hands (See Handwashing section for more information.)
  2. Draw up heparin and sodium chloride. (See drawing up heparin and sodium chloride for more information.)
  3. Wipe the Interline Injection Site of your catheter with an alcohol wipe.
  4. Slowly inject 3 cc of sodium chloride into your catheter.
  5. Infuse the administration of drug (per instructions in Mechanisms for Intravenous Administration).
  6. When the administration of drug is finished, wipe the injection cap with an alcohol wipe.
  7. Slowly inject 3 cc of sodium chloride into your catheter.
  8. Wipe the injection site with an alcohol wipe.
  9. Slowly inject 3 cc of Heparin flush (100 u/cc) into your catheter.
  10. Dispose of needles and syringes in the disposable needle container.

Changing Injection Site
The Injection Site on your catheter must be changed once a week.