The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: May 3, 2002

A Search
13 x 7.75 inches

My father was operated on twice for colon cancer, the second time in August 1994. As a student at Tyler School of Art, I applied for Temple University's international program in Rome for the spring semester. That winter, his cancer spread to his liver and his lungs. At the insistence of my father and family, I prepared for my trip to Rome. A day or two before the program was to end, I flew home to be with my father. The following weeks before his death were painful. It is at this time that I realized that, in certain situations, death is not so bad.

Cancer caused my father's death, but I also believe that it allowed him to better understand what life meant. In the five years he dealt with cancer, I began to understand him for who he really was. It was during this time that I believe we really became friends. This print concerns a search for an inner peace, a peace for which I could see my father struggling, and my own search. In the world of the physical, it is often difficult to find the spiritual.

Donald F. Deeds (1933-1995)

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