Binary View

Michael White
Copyright © 1994, Michael White
Last Modified: March 27, 2002

Sitting in the chemo room
absorbing poisons to avoid our doom...
some rise above the situation
to find the humor, or even spark celebration.

Others though are bitter and sour,
the depths of which increase each hour.

And all the while the nurses tend
to all our needs, their love--they lend.
As I watch them make their rounds
a thought is formed which seems profound:

The glass is half empty
The glass is half full
Like poles of a magnet, this view
one of two.

Half empty repels
Half full ... it attracts.

Be my destination Hell, or the promise of Heaven
this could have been worse--striking Kelly, or Kevin!

As even more poisons now flow through the adapter
my soul is filled with an out-of-place laughter.
For one of God's gifts just now was revealed
and I'll need it to survive this most deadly ordeal.
Understanding this gift requires no sleuth or detective
for our gift is not raw power, but our changing perspective.

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