The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: May 3, 2002

Secrets and Tangles: Text Boards silk organza, iron transfer, plywood 9 x 12 inches each board 1994-95

Secrets and Tangles: Brass Dress brass wire and silk organza; iron transfer of text 4 x 4 x 4 feet 1994

The installation "Secrets and Tangles" was developed collaboratively with my colleague Thomas Rose. Through structured space, images, and written texts, we attempted to shape a place for contemplation and remembrance.

"Text Boards" and "Brass Dress" are part of a larger, ongoing effort reflecting on the process of aging and my parents' struggle with cancer. The visual and verbal collection of details and anecdotes is both homage and encomium, where change is not viewed as negative deterioration; rather, it is witness to a precious vitality.

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