The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: May 3, 2002

Collage from the book, The Seasons Observed Details of photographs, clockwise from left: Winter, Colorado 1990 Wisteria in Central Park I, May 1993 Fern and Pine, 1990 Sugar Maple, U.S. Naval Observatory, 1993 24 x 24 inches

Snowball, Colorado photograph 14 x 17 inches 1980

Snow Navel, Colorado photograph 14 x 17 inches 1992

Winter, Colorado photograph 30 x 40 inches 1990

There's nothing like confronting a cancer in the family to focus a person's priorities. Facing one's mortality is not exactly the same as having a cold or even a broken bone - those are just inconvenient.

As an active advocate for cancer patients and the founder of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, I've spoken to many people who have told me how enriched they've become by facing this condition. Suddenly, they become who they've always wanted to be. They appreciate every beauty in music, nature, and art. The internal forces of expression burn to be exposed - to leave something of themselves behind, perhaps, or to share with others the new-found appreciation of life, love, and the human spirit.

This exhibition reveals those inner creative forces that need to be expressed and need to be shared.