The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: May 3, 2002

Miracle House: Bedside oil on paper 39.5 x 27 inches 1994

Miracle House: Chair oil on paper 39.5 x 27 inches 1994

My experience as a volunteer in a cancer clinic in one of New York's major hospitals has had a major influence on my work. My work often refers to the clinic in the particulars of its subject matter. For example, in works such as "Chair" and "Bedside," a box of tissues figures prominently, because the box seemed to be the one stable element that followed each patient wherever he or she went. It became for me an emblem of their pain. I often identified with the emotions of powerlessness that I witnessed.

I often present views down to the floor or off to the side rather than directly into faces. I might focus on shoes or the details of a dress. I want to give my viewer a sense of the perspective of someone whose lack of control has left them unable to confront events that are strange and shocking.

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