Felicia's Story

Kristen M. Marino
Last Modified: October 4, 2005

This is the story of a brave little girl named Felicia. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her friend Kristen decided to document her story. The words and pictures which follow illustrate the power of love and how Felicia changed...but more importantly how she stayed the same.

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About the author/ photographer

Kristen M. Marino completed her studies in Graphic Design Communication and Photography at the Philadelphia University. The idea for Felicia's Story grew from Ms. Marino'swork on her capstone project, during which she spent significant time with Felicia, her family, physicians, and support staff. She developed an intense interest in the treatment protocol for major childhood illnesses. This prompted her to follow Felicia's continued progress and pursue the publication of her book. For additional information, please contact Ms. Marino at FeliciasStory@gmail.com.


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