The Beast

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

Copyright © 2001, The Author

"We'll have to wait and see" they say
as the wheels grind slowly on
get up and go to work today
Chin up and move along
don't think about what just might be
or run and hide your eyes
Just mozie on like all is well
no monster on the rise

Don't bog your mind with Fears and facts
and stories that abound
It's probably just a minor thing
a bug that's going round
So toddle on jazz up your step
What ever you may feel
Don't wrap your life around the fear
that god this could be real

Well those who've gone before us know
That all those thoughts are Kind
But they don't keep you comforted
Or ease your worried Mind
Neither do they lay out maps
for things that lay ahead
They simply make you feel unheard
for all the things you've said

What if it is The big "C" word
and all that that entails
How will I tell my family
How can I bear their wails

What if after all these times I've swore
that I am tough
I have to face this ugly beast
and I don't have enough

What if the beast has raced ahead
long fore I ever knew
How can I run to catch him up
I'll try to, wouldn't you

What will this do to me and us
How will my loved ones cope
How will this affect my job
My god the endless scope!

The questions never quiet
The answers Never there
Your mind an endless rabble
your heart just strains to bear

But on you go with work "n"all
with hope that beats a drum
reciting all the well worn facts
The "Beast" gets only some

For those who've gone before us
and know this beast so well
We "doff" our hats in tribute
and salute your Victory yell

And for the ones This beast
has claimed,
their banners we shall carry
for all the others it has maimed
your story's on the "tally"

So on we go into the fight
with ever growing strength
taking with us every one
The entire Breadth and Length
The ones who fought so bravely
and lived to tell the tale
the ones we lost in battle
who's names we'll always Hail
The ones whose journey has been long
but still they soldier on
and all the ones who's first few steps
have already been and gone

For all the folks who walk this road
with courage grace and will
We've gathered here around you
The beast to help you kill
We will not stand here idly by
and watch you fight alone
we'll stand beside you one by one
until our army's grown

For soon it will be big enough
to slay the Cancer Beast
and on that day we'll gather round
and toast it with a feast
We'll raise a glass to one and all
and know that we've done well
A toast to all our comrades
those standing and those felled

And this to all our Fearing friends
we wish you weren't here
but don't you get discouraged
or tangled in your fear
For see how big our army is
and how we're marching on
take hope in all you see in us
for our battle will be won

So if your told to wait and see
and are loathe to hear that phrase
Just know that you are not alone
in these seemingly endless days
For we are here and here we'll stay
until the fight is through
don't slow your step or lower your chin
we're fighting here for you
get up and go to work today
and lay your fears to rest
Your on a well worn road my friend
your fighting with the best

And if pray god, Luck shines on you
and all the tests are clear
Look back behind you one more time
For we are all still here
and as with every army
every soldier has a place
won't you stand beside us
and Join us in this race


Breast Cancer, Denial and the Work Place
by Rodney Warner, JD
March 28, 2016

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