Side Effects

A wealth of knowledge to help patients deal with the side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, infection, and pain.

Blood Counts Cancer and/or cancer treatments can affect white blood cell, red blood cell, and platelet counts. This can makes the body more susceptible to infection, fatigue and bleeding respectively. This section provides information on blood counts and tips coping with low blood counts. Bone Health Cancer and it's treatment can affect the health of your bones. Learn how and what you can do to improve bone health. Chemo Brain Information about cognitive dysfunction experienced after cancer treatment, including trouble with short term memory, multi-tasking, reading comprehension, and concentration. Constipation Symptoms of constipation and tips to managing and treating this concern. Diarrhea Information about diarrhea and treatments, including tips for managing diarrhea with dietary changes. Fatigue and Cancer Information about this common side effect, tips for managing and potential interventions to reduce fatigue. therapy as a primary cause of fatigue. Hair Loss & Thinning Information about alopecia (hair loss) & thinning related to cancer treatments, tips for coping with this side effect and information about wigs. Hand Foot Syndrome HFS is a skin reaction that appears on the palms of the hands and/or the soles of the feet as a result of certain chemotherapy agents. It may also be referred to as acral erythema, palmar plantar erythema (PPE), or Burgdorf reaction. Incontinence Information about urinary incontinence after cancer and tips for managing this side effect and performing Kegel exercises. Insomnia Insomnia is a common problem for people with cancer. Learn about treatments, lifestyle changes and sleep training to combat insomnia. Loss of Appetite Tips for coping with a loss of appetite due to cancer and cancer therapy. Lymphedema Lymphedema is a chronic swelling that happens when lymph fluid is not moving well and protein-rich fluid accumulates in the tissues that can be disfiguring and affect quality of life. Mucositis Information about oral mucositis (mouth sores) related to cancer treatments, tips for managing and treatments for mucositis. Nail and Skin Changes Information about how cancer treatments can affect skin and nails and tips for managing these side effects. Nausea & Vomiting Information about nausea and vomiting and tips for coping with this side effect of some cancer treatments. Other Side Effects Other side effects that may be unusual or not included in other categories. Pain Management Information about cancer related pain, how it is treated and common side effects of treatment. Peripheral Neuropathy (Nerve Damage) Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves, which can be caused by chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy. Information about this side effect, symptoms, safety considerations and tips for management. Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea) Information about shortness of breath related to cancer and tips for managing this concern. Side Effects of Radiation Therapy The side effects of radiation therapy vary from patient to patient. Learn more about possible side effects of radiation therapy.


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