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The Cancer Recovery Eating Plan: The Right Foods to Help Fuel Your Recovery
Author: Daniel W. Nixon, M.D.Publisher: Times BooksPrice: $15.00 USISBN: 0-8129-2590-4OncoLink Rating:  Daniel W. Nixon, M.D. is a former associate director of the Cancer Prevention Research Program at the National Cancer ..
Eating Well and Getting Better During and After Cancer Treatment
Author: Gene Spiller, PhD and Bonnie Bruce, DrPH, RDPublisher: Prima Publishing, 1997ISBN: 0-7615-0581-4OncoLink Rating:  Dr. Spiller and Dr. Bruce believe that a person's diet affects their health, and hence their ..
Soft Foods For Easier Eating Cookbook
Authors: Sandra Woodruff, RD & Leah Gilbert-Henderson Publisher: Square One Publishers, 2007 Information: $16.95 US ISBN: 978-0757002908 OncoLink Rating: I am very happy to review "Soft Foods for Easier Eating ..

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