Nutrition and Cancer

These articles can be a helpful tool in coping with a variety of nutritional issues that people face during and after cancer treatment.
  • The Cancer Kitchen Recipes

    Some cancer treatments may affect your appetite, sense of taste, and make it difficult to swallow. Usually these changes are short-term and will get better with time. Until then, do what you can to keep up your calorie intake and meet your body's protein, vitamin and mineral requirements. Here is a growing list of delicious foods that are high in protein and calories as well as easy to swallow.

    Remember: This is NOT a time to diet! Although it is tempting to think that some weight loss may be good, especially if you have struggled with your weight in the past , weight loss is not a good side effect of cancer treatment. Your focus should be on increasing nutrients to maintain your weight and your protein levels.

    Maintaining Your Weight
    Recipes for high calorie, high protein shakes and soups to help you prevent weight loss.

    Dealing with Side Effects
    Recipes for coping with cancer treatment side effects, such as mouth sores and nausea.

    Healthy Options for the Whole Family
    Healthy recipes for the whole family.

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  • Nutrition Webinars

    Webinars discussing nutrition related topics.
    Webucation: Cancer Prevention: The Basics
    People often ask what they can do to reduce their risk of developing cancer. This video reviews the general recommendations for cancer risk reduction from the American Institute of Cancer Research.
    Nutrition from A to Z: Answers to your nutrition and diet questions
    Are you confused by all the information on cancer and nutrition; what to eat and what to avoid? This webinar reviews the current nutritional information and guidelines for cancer patients and survivors and answers common questions.
    Nutrition and Diet for Prostate Cancer
    This webinar addresses how the side effects of prostate cancer treatment can affect your ability to eat, how to maintain your nutritional status during treatment, what foods to eat and how to maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of recurrence.
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