Confronting Cancer Through Art - 1999

Confronting Cancer Through Art 1999 celebrates the courage and creativity of all those who have confronted cancer, either through their own experience or that of a family member or friend. The exhibition contains 65 pieces created in various media including sculpture, quilt, painting, and photography, that depict the challenge and personal triumph of those with a disease. To begin browsing the virtual gallery, choose an artist from the select menu below. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the work. Confronting Cancer Through Art was a juried exhibition, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center, that was on display at the Arthur Ross Gallery from September 15 - October 31, 1999. The artwork will be available on OncoLink's virtual gallery indefinitely.
Aida R. Weinstein
Anthony Ciambella
Bruce Pollock
Chris Moore
Claire Chew
Doina Adam
Elisabeth Schickling
Elizabeth Hollon
Evelyn H. Lauder
Frank Talarico
Gianna Volpe
Gwendolyn L. Fryer
Heather Darcy
Hollis Sigler
Ian Summers
James Fuhrman
Jan Morgen
Janis Pinkston
Jeanne S. Collins
Judith Ingram
Judy Smith-Kressley
Kathleen F. Chapman
Kathleen R. Smith
Kathleen Rengert
Kathleen Wixted Francis
Leslie Bowen
Linda Nesvisky
Maggie Marceau
Mark Barmak Shetabi
Merle Spandorfer
Michele Szoka
Mindy S. Shapiro
Nancy Citrino
Nancy Fried
Natalie Hope McDonald
Nina Rake
Pam Cooper
Patricia Goodrich
Patricia M. Siembora
Patricia Mangione
Paul Gorka
Priscilla Taylor Rosenberger
Robin Johnson
Rosalind Dutton
Stella Grove
Sue Markley Okamoto
Tania Karpowitz
Welcome from the Arthur Ross Gallery Director
Welcome from the Cancer Center Director
Welcome from the Guest Curator
Yolanda Cuomo