Survivor Stories

A Breast Cancer Patient's Account of Living with Cancer
A Dark Snowy Day
A Note from Ron Kauffman, Prostate Cancer Survivor
A Very Personal Essay (Some Thoughts on Cancer)
Addendum to a Personal Essay
Advice from a Friend
Angelina R. Sanner
Ann Marie Dismuke
Back To Vietnam
Bladder Cancer - A Successful Case
Bronwyn Cole
Burkitt's Lymphoma during Pregnancy
Cancer Isn't Picky
Childhood Trauma, Motherhood, Cancer, and Christ
Danielle Guzick
Dear 'Normal' People, An Essay for Adolescents with Cancer
Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Intra-Abdominal Tumor
Dick and Nancy, A Story of Hope
Dick and Nancy, A Story of Hope - Part II
Dick and Nancy, A Story of Hope - Part III
Donna Mulinski
Donna's Pregnant
Edward Eisele
Experiences with Cervical Cancer
From a Beginning Breast Cancer Survivor
Funny Blood: A Story of Love and Cancer
Gail Johnson
Healing Strategies
Healing Strategies
Hopes and Dreams Reign Where Cancer Cannot Go
I Hit the Numbers on My Birthday! My Prize? The Gift of Life...
In Loving Memory of Bennett Sterling
It's Almost As If It Never Happened
James Lynch
Lessons from Lymphoma
Love in The Times Of Cancer
Matthew Zachary: The Healing Power of Music
Michael Schiller's Story
Michael White: The 1997 American Cancer Society's Courage Award Winner
My Journey through Cancer
My Life After Cancer
My Miracle with NK Cell Leukemia
My Personal Experience as a Bone Marrow Donor - Brian E. Beattie
Nancy B. Cohen-Cavanaugh
Nat's Personal Story of Survival
On the Eve of the One Year Anniversary of My Bone Marrow Transplant
On the Twenty Year Anniversay of My Diagnosis of Testicular Cancer
OncoLink Letter To The Editors: Survivor Story
Part Two
PC Post-Op 1,360 Days -- But Who's Counting?
People Really Do Survive Cancer!--Kelly's Story
Personal Experiences of a Prostate Cancer Survivor
Richard Berman
Rosalind's Story
Shai Gerstner - Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor
Steven Blue: A Newsletter for Rhinectomy Patients, Family & Friends
Stopping a Time Bomb
Sue's Victor Story
Surviving, Thriving, Coping
The Healing
The Role of the Patient in Medicine---A personal perspective
The Rule
The Struggle and Triumph of Debra, Darren, and Rebecca Mullen
Tom Tullgren Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatments Survivor
Why Pink Is Not My Favorite Color