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OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter
OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter
OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter
January, 2008 OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter Sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis

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Ask The Experts
This is your chance to "Ask the Experts" everything you've always wanted to know about Lung cancer, treatments and side effects.

Cervical Cancer

OncoLink Survivor Story: Nat's Personal Story of Survival
An intensely personal and informative story about Nathalie Criou, a young woman who is beating the odds against a rare form of cervical sarcoma.

Vaccine Versus Virus [Video]
A special Sky News presentation looking at the Gardasil vaccine against human papilloma virus, how HPV can lead to cervical cancer, and why this Australian developed vaccine could save the lives of millions of women throughout the world.

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OncoLink Monthly Poll
What percent of women do you believe are exposed to HPV by age 50?

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OncoLink has created an individualized plan of care based on the Institute of Medicine recommendations for cancer survivors. This free and easy to use program provides cancer survivors with information regarding the health risks they face as a result of cancer therapies.

Develop your survivorship care plan today!

OncoLink Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Please visit OncoLink's Cervical Cancer Section, a comprehensive cancer resource for your concerns about cervical cancer prevention, risk, cervical cancer screening, diagnosis, cervical cancer treatment. Here you can find information on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical oncology, and targeted therapies as well as the latest cancer news on support for cervical cancer survivors and cancer research.

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