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OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter
OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter
OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter
May, 2007 OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter OncoLink Cancer Resource Newsletter Sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis

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OncoLink Editors ChoiceEditor's Choice: Skin Cancer Foundation: The Skin Cancer Foundation has set the standard for educating the public and the medical profession about skin cancer, its prevention by means of sun protection, and the need for early detection and prompt, effective treatment. It is the only international organization devoted solely to combating the world's most common cancer, now occurring at epidemic levels.

Understanding Your Melanoma Pathology Report... Suzanne McGettigan, MSN, CRNP, AOCN gives us an overview of the terms you may encounter in your pathology report.

OncoLink Ask the Cancer Expert Ask The Experts
This is your chance to "Ask the Experts" everything you've always wanted to know about types of cancer, treatments and side effects.

A new diagnosis of cancer brings out a lot of emotions; all at a time when decisions need to be made that can affect the rest of your life. It is important for the patient to become an active member of his or her healthcare team. This guide has been developed to give you suggestions on ways to make this time easier and to help you make the best decisions. It is divided into sections that mirror the typical path a person with a new diagnosis might take. Not all sections will apply to you, so use those that fit your situation.

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OncoLink has created an individualized plan of care based on the Institute of Medicine recommendations for cancer survivors. This free and easy to use program provides cancer survivors with information regarding the health risks they face as a result of cancer therapies. It encourages them to review the plan with their healthcare team to further assess their risk and become active participants in their follow up care.

Develop your survivorship care plan today!

OncoLink Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month Visit OncoLink's Melanoma Page: A comprehensive resource for your concerns about melanoma prevention, melanoma risk, melanoma screening and, melanoma treatment. Here you can find information on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical oncology, and targeted therapies as well as the latest cancer news on melanoma research. You can also get help from one of our Melanoma Experts.

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