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Targeted Therapy, a cutting edge technology that deals with drugs which target specific pathways in the growth and development of tumors.

Scientific Findings: Read OncoLink's special reports of the annual scientific meetings of the oncology societies with in-depth, up-to-the-minute coverage of sessions and presentations discussing targeted therapies.

Ask The Experts
This is your chance to "Ask the OncoLink Experts" everything you've always wanted to know about cancer. Recent questions include:

Lawrence J. Solin, MD, FACR discusses different approaches to radiation treatment of the breast.

Christina S. Chu, MD elaborates on the options for a woman with High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion of the cervix.

Selina M. Luger, MD discusses treatments for myelodysplasia.

Internet Peer Support Study for Women With Breast Cancer

OncoLink Patient Guide: Colorectal Cancer
New Colorectal Cancer Book Available from the Editors of OncoLink.

OncoLink PollOncoLink Monthly Poll: What shots have you been prescribed?

OncoLink SurveyComplementary And Alternative Therapies Survey We are collecting information to better understand the use of therapies that are not typically prescribed by doctors or given in hospitals for cancer care.

OncoLink SurveyeNewsletter Survey: Please take a moment to fill-out our anonymous eNewsletter survey.



This multi-part educational section will briefly describe the basic science behind targeted therapies and organize the countless terms and names that are often mentioned in the literature. We will then take a closer look at some of the medical literature itself, reviewing the most up-to-date clinical recommendations for various cancers and focusing on the major targeted therapies widely publicized over the past year.

OncoLink Editors Choice

August Editor's Choice
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Inc. (PanCAN)
The first national patient advocacy organization for the pancreatic cancer community, PanCAN works to focus national attention on the need to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. They provide public and professional education embracing the urgent need for more research, effective treatments, prevention programs and early detection methods.

OncoLink Cancer News FlashOncoLink News Flash: Nausea

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