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December 2013


Be a Holiday Helper OncoLink Be a Holiday Helper

This holiday season, we encourage you to seek out friends, family and acquaintances dealing with cancer and think about how cancer affects their holiday. Make the holidays a little less stressful for those facing so much by being their Holiday Helper, I promise; it will make you feel special too.

Oh Great, Another Robe!

Trying to find a useful gift for a friend or family member dealing with cancer? The OncoLink Holiday Survival Guide provides helpful hints, creative gift ideas and precious holiday memories from cancer survivors and their families. Find ideas for making this holiday special for someone with advanced cancer, for whom the season may be particularly difficult

Dry Skin, Broken Nails, Oh My!

As if the winter weather isn’t hard enough on our skin and nails, try adding cancer treatments to the mix. This informative video will answer all your questions and provide great advice for caring for your skin, nails and hair during cancer treatment!

Remember to Care for the Caregiver

Too often, caregivers must sacrifice themselves for the needs of their loved one. Remember that a burned out caregiver won’t be of much use to anyone. Let our caregiver section help you balance both of your needs and stay healthy!

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Will you change your normal holiday plans because of cancer?

Support our Team

Support OncoLink's mission to provide free, up-to-date cancer information to anyone who needs it. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be devoted to OncoLink's educational resources.


Upcoming OncoLink WebchatsOncoLink Webchats

No registration is needed, just come to the page at the event time. You can also submit questions in advance or read a transcript after the event. You can use your (public) Twitter account to participate during the live event (use the hashtag #oncochat).

Chemotherapy Myths or Facts

Cancer & Sexuality

Got Questions? Find answers to the questions you were too embarrassed to ask about in the Guide to Sexuality During & After Cancer Treatment for Men or Women.

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