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  Cancer Awareness Month

OncoLink Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is cervical awareness month. Learn more from OncoLink's cervical cancer section. You may also find the transcript from the Gynecologic Cancer Webchat helpful.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year from OncoLink The New Year is a time to reflect on the past year and look toward the upcoming year. This often inspires people to commit to working towards a healthier lifestyle. The following common resolutions not only make for a healthier lifestyle, they can also reduce cancer risk. Learn more about reducing cancer risk using What's My Risk? Read more on New Year's Resolutions.

Lung Cancer Webucation
Lung Cancer Webucation is a presentation for those newly diagnosed with lung cancer and their support people to learn about the disease, its diagnosis, staging, potential treatments and side effects. In addition, it addresses coping with cancer (practical, emotional & family issues), coping with the stigma of lung cancer, and concerns surrounding work, insurance and disability. We hope this will answer many questions you have and help you think of other questions to discuss with your healthcare team.

Navigating the Cancer Journey
OncoPilot Are you facing a new cancer diagnosis or changing course of your current treatment? The OncoPilot section was developed to give you suggestions on ways to make this time easier and to help you make the best decisions. Read more about facing cancer.

OncoLink Poll
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Practical advice from Oncology Social Workers
Visit our newest section of helpful advice from our favorite oncology social workers! Topics include coping with a cancer diagnosis, common concerns after a new diagnosis, talking with children, financial, insurance and employment concerns.

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OncoLink Recipes

Looking for some recipes to help maintain weight during cancer treatment? Check out the growing list of dietician recommended, OncoLink tested recipes! Did you know you can create your own smoothie recipe using a few of your favorite ingredients? Learn how!

Upcoming OncoLink Webchats
OncoLink Webchats Did you miss any of our webchats this year? You can view the transcripts at anytime! Look for some exciting new topics and formats in 2013! Weigh in on what you'd like to see in our poll.


Chemotherapy Myth or Fact


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