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It's Summertime!

We've pulled together some resources to make your summer safer and more enjoyable!

Looking to Take a Vacation?
Just because you are going through cancer treatment doesn't mean you can't enjoy a summer vacation. With a little bit of homework and planning, your vacation can be the trip of a lifetime and help relieve some of the stress you may be having related to your cancer treatment. Watch the replay of the "Cancer Goes to the Beach" webinar!

Sun Safetysun-safety
There have been some good changes in the way sun protection products are marketed in the US, making them more consumer friendly. Learn all you need to know to be sun-safe this summer!


Nutrition Nuggets
Summer is blueberry season and there is nothing like fresh blueberries to top off a bowl of cereal, bake in a pie, or just enjoy on their own. Anthocyanins, the blue pigments from the blueberry skin, are powerful antioxidants with potential cancer preventing power. In a study comparing 40 fruits and vegetables, blueberries had the highest antioxidant capacity, mostly due to the anthocyanin. Frozen blueberries are just as nutritious, so enjoy the health benefits year round! Try this antioxidant packed summer snack.


Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?
Check out this video from survivor Bill Barbour, who presents his take on "managing your survivorship" through educated treatment decisions.


Blooming Inspiration blooming-inspirations
How about some Blooming Inspiration for summer? Alysa has put together another set of beautiful photos and quotes. Blooming Inspiration is a visual reminder both of the healing power of the arts and the soothing effect of Mother Nature on all of us.


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Did you take a vacation (short, long or even a staycation) while on cancer treatment?

OncoLink WebchatsUpcoming OncoLink Webchats

OncoLink Webinars are taking a summer vacation - stay tuned for our fall line up, which will include pediatric topics, prostate cancer nutrition, smoking cessation and much more!

Missed Navigating Life After Cancer? Check out this webinar or any of the archived presentations!

Chemotherapy Myths or Facts

Adjusting to the New Normal
"The new normal" is a phrase used to describe how life changes for some people who have been through cancer. The cancer is cured, but their lives are changed forever. Bob Riter's latest column talks about this transition. Learn more about adjusting to your "new normal" on OncoLink


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