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Happy Birthday To Us!Happy Birthday OncoLink

March 2012 marks OncoLink's 18th year on the web. How time flies! Did you know OncoLink was the first cancer information site on the Internet? We strive to provide up to date, practical cancer information for patients, their family and friends and healthcare providers. Read more about our history and mission in this blog by OncoLink's Founding Editor, Joel Goldwein, MD!

Chemotherapy Safety
Do you have questions about safety while receiving chemotherapy? That is not uncommon; when you see your nurse donning protective garb to administer chemotherapy, you may wonder about your own safety or that of your family. For instance, is it safe for the grandkids to share your bathroom? Is it safe to kiss or have sex with your partner? These and other common questions are addressed in the new Home Safety for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy article.

Proton Therapy In The News
A recent study, attempting to compare the effectiveness of multiple types of radiation therapies for prostate cancer (traditional, IMRT, protons), was presented at the annual GU Cancer Symposium, which includes national and international prostate cancer experts from multiple disciplines, such as Urology, Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology. The findings, particularly related to proton therapy, received significant media attention. Here, we provide an in-depth editorial review of the presentation including the reported findings, limitations of the study, and scientific implications for future research and treatment.

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What's My Cancer Risk?Concerned about your own risk factors and how to reduce your risk? Take the What's My Risk? survey and learn more!

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

OncoLink Colon Cancer Awareness Month See our colon cancer page for information about colon cancer prevention, risk, colon cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Interested in learning about clinical trials for colon cancer? Visit our clinical trials matching service to find a trial that matches your situation. Remember, trials are not just for people who have no other options! There are trials for just about every patient, including those with a new diagnosis exploring their treatment options.

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