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YoungThe 24th annual National Cancer Survivor's Day (NCSD) is June 5th, 2011. This day is a celebration of life, held in hundreds of communities, showing the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be rewarding and fulfilling. Visit the NCSD website to find survivor's day events in your area.


Are you a survivor? Do you have a survivorship care plan to help you navigate life after cancer treatment? The LIVESTRONG Care Plan can help by creating an individualized care plan based on the Institute of Medicine recommendations for cancer survivors. This free and easy to use program provides cancer survivors with information regarding the health risks they may face as a result of cancer therapies and helps them prevent, monitor for or deal with these so called "late" and "long term" effects.

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The Boss's Blog
Talk about the state of healthcare - and how to fix it - is everywhere these days. The boss has some pretty strong opinions when it comes to this topic, like many Americans. What do you think about the latest blog... Does anyone really think people should not have access to healthcare when they need it? from James M. Metz, MD.

Nutrition Nuggets: Best foods?

Do you ever wonder about those news stories claiming to have found the best foods to prevent cancer? Do you think - well, exactly how much do I need to eat? I don't want to exist on broccoli alone! OncoLink's Registered Dietician, Karen Wagner takes a look at this quandary in her most recent blog.

OncoLink PollOncoLink Poll: Do popular media stories about the "best foods" to eat to prevent cancer cause you to make dietary changes?

Cancer Awareness May is skin cancer awareness month. Skin cancer cases (melanoma and non-melanomas- basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas) are on the rise - 1 in 5 Americans will develop a skin cancer at some point in their lifetime! Learn how to protect yourself by reading the transcript from May's Melanoma & Sun Safety webchat, where OncoLink's experts discussed ways to reduce risk and detect skin cancers early. To learn more about melanoma, check out the video guide!

OncoLink eNews March 2011

Brown Bag ChatWebchat Anyone? OncoLink hosts monthly webchats on a topic of interest where local experts take your questions. Join us on June 10, 12:00-1:00 PM EST for a fun, interactive webchat on Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care Submit questions to our experts live or in advance.

OncoLink eNews March 2011

OncoPilotDo You Know OncoPilot?
OncoPilot is a great tool, particularly for those facing a new cancer diagnosis. In addition to articles about finding an oncologist, second opinions and preparing for the first visit, there are printable logs to keep track of appointments, tests and treatments. It also includes information on recurrence, end of life and transitioning to survivorship. Just click on the logo in the left menu from any OncoLink page to check it out!

OncoLink eNews March 2011
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