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Winter 2013 | OncoLink O-Pro eNewsletter

Welcome to O-Pro!
Welcome to O-Pro, our newest e-newsletter for oncology professionals, expanding on our very successful Nursing e-News to include all members of the oncology team. This quarterly newsletter provides resources to aid your clinical practice and a forum to learn from and share with other members of the interdisciplinary team. Submissions and content suggestions are more than welcomed! Please use the link at the bottom to forward this eNews to a friend.

New Resource On Skin, Nail & Hair Care
OncoLink VideoWe are excited to present a 2-part video on common issues involving skin, nails and hair during cancer treatment! In part I, an expert panel suggests ways to manage common concerns and answers common questions. Part II gives tips for applying make-up, wigs and scarves to address issues commonly seen during cancer treatment.

Penn Nusring Science

Pictorial Guide to Radiation Therapy
Our newest radiation oncology article gives the reader a pictorial guide to the steps involved in radiation treatment. Use this article to help your patients understand the process.

Call for Submissions
Have you ever wanted to write a CE module? We are always looking for CE materials - perhaps that paper you wrote for school would translate nicely to a CE? Contact us to submit your work for publication on OncoLink.

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Do You Care for People with Lung Cancer?
OncoLink O-Pro Lung CancerCheck out OncoLink's Lung Webucation! This new online presentation is geared towards newly diagnosed patients and their families. It can serve as a review after initial consultation or to educate other friends & family. Refer your patients using the flyers that you can print from the webucation page. Do you like it? Let us know!

OncoLink Webchats

OncoLink hosts monthly webchats where participants can submit questions (live or in advance) to an expert panel. A transcript is available after the event. Oncology professionals are welcome! Upcoming chats include:

Friday February 22nd, Noon ET: Creating Your Personal Emergency Kit
What if something happened to you tomorrow? Would your loved ones know where you keep your important papers, information about accounts, how to access your phone? Join us for a webchat about planning for the unexpected. There is more to consider than just the legal aspects of getting your affairs in order. Get prepared!

OncoLink I wish u knewI wish u knew is a video series produced by our summer intern, Tim Hampshire. Tim interviewed experts in many areas of cancer care, with the goal of providing the viewer with a picture of cancer care from the expert's perspective. Check out this unique look at cancer care!

My Oncology Career Path
This new blog will explore the many professions involved in cancer care. Professionals share how they came to practice in oncology, what schooling they completed and what they love about their job. We hope these pieces will dispel the myth that oncology is a depressing area to work in and encourage young (and young at heart) students to pursue the field we love! Do you want to share your story?

OncoLink Treatment Binder

Do you use OncoLink for patient education materials? Then you will love the new treatment binder program! Build a booklet of your choice of side effect (including treatment and nutrition info) and medication handouts with just a few clicks. Find a link to "My Patient Treatment Binder" on left side of the homepage.

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