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October 2013


October Cancer Awareness

Prostate Cancer AwarenessOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But what if you are all too "aware' of breast cancer? We hope you will find the support and resources you need on OncoLink. You may find inspiration in the words of Alyssa's blog; Greetings from CancerLand. Perhaps the nutrition information or some tips for preparing healthy meals is what you seek. Maybe you're looking for guidance in navigating a metastatic diagnosis. OncoLink is here to empower you through education, support and resources.


ASTRO: What’s in it for me?

OncoLink reports from many professional meetings. This year, at the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s 55th annual meeting, we put a new spin on things. The presentations covered were chosen because of the value they would have for you and our reporters summarized them based on what a patient or family member would want to know. Let us know how you like the new format!


When you find your stress meter hitting red, a few simple techniques can bring your heart rate and blood pressure back to baseline, providing a renewed sense of calm. These relaxing techniques can be done anywhere - even in that busy doctor’s waiting room!

Blooming Inspiration

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Alysa has chosen quotes from women impacted by breast cancer for October’s Blooming Inspiration. View all 7 inspirational quotes and the gorgeous photos they accompany!

OncoLink Blooming Inspiration

I've joined The Club - not one I wanted to join or even thought I would ever be joining - but here I am. I’m part of this Sisterhood of the Traveling Breast Cells (apologies to Ann Brashares).
~Judy Blume

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Chemotherapy Myths or Facts

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