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September Cancer Awareness

September is a busy month for cancer awareness! Click on the link to learn more about each topic.

Prostate Cancer Awareness National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Leukemia Awareness Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Ovarian Cancer Awareness National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Leukemia Awareness Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month Leukemia Awareness Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month Thyroid Cancer Awareness Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Proton Therapy: What is it?

Proton therapy is an advanced type of radiation therapy currently in use at a limited number of centers. Protons are different from conventional radiation because the beam can deposit the bulk of the radiation in the target and significantly reduce normal tissue exposure to excess radiation, giving this therapy the potential to reduce side effects and improve overall outcomes. Learn more about proton therapy on OncoLink! Find a proton therapy clinical trial that is right for you using our Proton Therapy Clinical Trials Matching Service!

Finding the Holes in Cancer Survivor Care

Too often, cancer survivors learn to live with the pain and pitfalls of this disease simply because they can't find the right resources. The Lance Armstrong Foundation launched the 2012 Cancer Survivor Survey to help them build and refine programs that offer tangible support to survivors. If you currently have cancer or have been treated for cancer:

Take the survey and let your voice be heard!

Stepping Up for Neighbors

Not everyone has built-in support when they get a cancer diagnosis. This week's column from Bob Riter gives some well deserved praise to those who step up to help a neighbor in need.

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Chemotherapy Myth or Fact


Is a Clinical Trial Right for Me?

Considering a clinical trial for your treatment can be a little overwhelming- is this the best option for me? Will my insurance pay for the treatment? Will I feel like a guinea pig? OncoLink attempts to answer some of these questions in Clinical Research Trials: The Basics and The Facts About Cancer Research. Looking to find a trial? Visit the OncoLink Clinical Trial Matching Service and our trial specialists can help you find a trial that fits your needs.

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