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September 2014


September Cancer Awareness

September is a busy month for cancer awareness! Click on the link to learn more about each topic.

Prostate Cancer Awareness National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Leukemia Awareness Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Ovarian Cancer Awareness National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Leukemia Awareness Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month Leukemia Awareness Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month Thyroid Cancer Awareness Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Navigating Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment

This educational video provides helpful information for those dealing with a Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis. In this video, Danielle reviews current and emerging treatments, symptom management and survivorship.

Looking for Advice about Practical Concerns?

On top of treatment concerns, things like transportation, care giving, spirituality and financial concerns can increase the stress and anxiety of cancer treatment. Visit OncoLink's newest section for advice for dealing with common practical concerns!

Is a Clinical Trial Right for Me?

Clinical trials are necessary to advance cancer care, but considering a clinical trial for your treatment can be a little overwhelming - is this the best option for me? Will my insurance pay for the treatment? Will I feel like a guinea pig? OncoLink attempts to answer some of these questions in Clinical Research Trials: The Basics and The Facts About Cancer Research. Looking to find a trial? Visit the OncoLink Clinical Trial Matching Service and our trial specialists can help you find a trial that fits your needs.

Giving Back & Helping Others

Recently, our bloggers have brought attention to ways survivors and their loved ones can help others going through cancer treatment. One way is fundraising, which may sound daunting, but Rodney explains how you can get started. Looking to help an individual? Carolyn provides some tips for helping friends & family experiencing the expense of treatment. Bob's blog has lots of tips for helping others.

Our Team is Growing!

The OncoLink team has grown by two. Welcome our new team members, Christina Bach, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C and Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, RN, BSN who have hit the ground running to get an exciting fall webinar series planned!

OncoLink eNews

Fall OncoLink Webchats

Symptom Management: Headaches and Seizures
September 16th at 2:30pm - Brain Tumor Support Group Live Webinar Broadcast

Proton Therapy for Pediatric Cancers
September 25th at 12:00pm

Check back for more information on these upcoming events:

  • Nutritional Strategies for the Management of Lower Gastrointestinal (GI) Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
    October 7th at 2:00pm
  • The Affordable Care Act: Update for 2015
    November 6th at 10:00 am
  • The In's and Out's of Medicare Open Enrollment: What's new for 2015?
    November 6th at 11:00am
  • Coping with Grief and Loss During the Holidays
    November, date/time TBA

No registration is needed, just come to the page at the event time or after the event to view an archive.

Chemotherapy Myths or Facts

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