Chemotherapy Before or After Surgery

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Last Modified: December 13, 2011

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Why did my friend get chemo before her surgery and I am supposed to get it afterwards?


Brian Czerniecki, MD, Breast , responds:

We give chemotherapy prior to surgery to attempt to improve breast conservation surgery. You may or may not need chemotherapy after breast cancer depending on tumor size node status and receptor type you may also get ONCODX test as well to determine the benefit of chemotherapy.

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Referral pre-surgery allows extra cycle of ovarian stimulation before chemotherapy

Oct 1, 2010 - Referring young, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to a reproductive specialist before surgery may speed up fertility preservation procedures and allow time for two cycles of ovarian stimulation between surgery and initiation of chemotherapy, according to research published online Sept. 27 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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